Project Results

Reviewing individual results from SIMnet reports

1. 🗃️ Project Details

Displays the assignment name as it appears in the student's course and the course that the student's attempt is graded in. This section also denotes the Assignment Title as it appears on the Projects page when it is assigned and the Rubric Version to determine which rubric was active when the assignment was graded. Rubrics can be updated if there are changes to a project due to an error or a Microsoft Office update.

2. 👩‍🎓 Student Details

Displays the student's name and student's user name.

3. 📰 Print Report

Prints the attempt and grade information from the top of the screen (1-12) and the written feedback from the left side of the screen (13-17).

4. 📩 Download Student Submission

Downloads the student's submission for that attempt.

5. 🏁 Objectives Report

This report breaks down each skill in the project and determines the user's score. If the student is scored on changing fonts multiple times within a project this report will show you how well the student displayed that capability in this assignment. Each objective corresponds to a SIMbook page. The Objective determines that page by the book series, version, application, chapter, and page: SA19-WD-02.01 is from the Skills Approach book series, Office 2019/365 version, Word application, Chapter 2, Skill 1. The Description is the name of that SIMbook page. Objective Mastery shows the score for all of the instances of that skill in the project.

6. 📩 Download Start File

Downloads a blank start file as the student would download when starting that project.

7. 📒 View Instructions

Brings up the Project assignment instructions in a separate window. Note: this option displays the instructions for the operating system of the current user, not necessarily the student. If the student completed their assignment using a Mac and the instructor is using Windows, the instructor will see the Windows instructions. Switch the slider to the appropriate option as required.

8. 🗝️ Download Application Solution File

Downloads the solution file for the application type of the student. This may not display identically for instructors reviewing submissions on a different OS from the user.

9. 🔢 Attempt Info

Displays which attempt is being reviewed and when that attempt was submitted.

10. 💯 Submission Score

Displays the score for that submission as a percent and as a fraction. This may not represent the student's grade in the course depending upon how many submissions are allowed and the grade calculation options selected by the instructor.

11. 🕓 Submission Time Spent

Displays the time between the student's download of the Start File and the Submission of that file. This is not based on how long the student spent working on the project. The student may have spent less time but not downloaded their attempt for a number of hours.

12. 🎛️ Submission Application Used

Displays whether or not the student submitted their project using Microsoft Office using a Windows computer or a Mac computer.

13. 🚦 Feedback Filtering Options

Feedback results can be filtered by showing any combination of Correct, Incorrect, or Partial answers by clicking on that option. All options are selected by default and can be deselected. Deselected options are grayed out in the legend and not displayed below.

14. Incorrect Answer, expanded

The number corresponding with an incorrect answer is displayed in red. Each answer type can be expanded to view more information. That information includes each sub-step for that attempt and feedback for incorrect answers. The feedback includes incorrect answers and how they are incorrect.

15. Correct Answer

Correct Answers are displayed with green text.

16. ☑️ Partially Correct Answer

Partially Correct answers are displayed in blue text and will contain both incorrect and correct sub-steps. Review each sub-step to determine where the student is losing points. This may be on two unrelated parts of the same larger step, like bolding two separate paragraphs where only one is bolded or may include two related parts, like an excel formula that is created improperly but displays the same result as the correct answer.

17. 📶 Set of Objectives

Each textbook has its own set of objectives that can be displayed. These objectives can also be hidden by selecting None from the drop-down list. Objectives show exactly where the information to correctly complete this step is located in the SIMbook.

18. 🔘 View Options Toggle

Use the View Options to expand all answers on the left, collapse all answers on the left, or hide the visual feedback map on the right.

19. 👁️‍🗨️ Visual Feedback

This is an image of the correct answer. This is not the student's submission. The visual feedback displays correct and incorrect bubbles at the location in the document where each step is being done.

20. Correct Answer Bubble

Steps that are correct in the student submission are displayed in green.

21. Incorrect Answer Bubble

Steps that are incorrect in the student submission are displayed in red.

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