Resource Assignment Prefs

Setting assignment preferences for Resources

When you click the Add button to assign a resource to a class or individual student, the Resource Item Assignment Details window will appear where you can set several preferences for the assignment.

1. 📆 Scheduling

  • Edit the Assignment Title to change the name of this exam assignment only for the individual Course or Student.

  • Select the Show Assignment checkbox so the Resource appears in the student portal. When unchecked, the Resource will not be visible for students regardless of scheduling options.

  • Select the Enable Schedule by Dates to set a start date, due date, and/or end date for the assignment. By default, the assignment has this option enabled, with the current date and time as the Start Date. You must either set an End Date or disable scheduling to save the assignment. You can type in the Start Date, Due Date or End Date box, or click the Date Picker icon to select a date or time. Click the down arrow after setting a Due Date to set the same value for the End Date.

2. 📝 Assignment Preferences

  • By default, the Enable Student Submissions checkbox is not selected. Select this option if you want to allow students to submit a Resource item.

  • Enter the number of attempts a student has to complete the assignment in the Attempts box.

  • Select the Enable Integrity Detection for the Start File checkbox to allow SIMnet to check the file for integrity violations. This option is only enabled if the Enable Student Submissions option is selected.

  • To block students from uploading files with another student's unique identifier data, leave the Allow Student Submissions with Integrity Violations checkbox blank. Alternatively, select the checkbox to allow students to submit a file with work that is not their own.

3. 📒 Gradebook Options

  • Select the Show Column in Gradebook checkbox if you want the item to appear in the Gradebook. This option is only available if the gradebook is enabled.

  • Select a Points option to determine how the grade will be recorded in the Gradebook. Select Assignment Default points to show the grade with the default point allowances. Select Override Points to enter the number of points you would like the item to be worth.

  • Click the Display Type menu to select how the grade will display and be calculated in the Gradebook.

4. 🛑 Restrictions

  • To restrict the item by password, type the password in the Password box.

  • To restrict the item by IP address, click the Click to add IP filter button and enter the IP address.

5. 💾 Save

  • Click the Save button to create the assignment.

  • Click the Cancel button to close the window without saving the assignment.

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