Using SIMstudent to view the Student Portal as a Student

SIMstudent allows instructors and administrators to login to the Student Portal directly from the Course Manager without requiring a separate student account or registration code. The link is located in the upper right hand corner of the Course Manager and opens in a new browser window.

Clicking the SIMstudent link brings up a list of your assigned courses and the Library link. Click the Library link to view your student's library, based of all assigned books in all of your courses. Click the specific course link to impersonate a student in that course.

SIMbook resources, like instructor manuals and solution files, that are only available to instructors, can be found on the Resources tab in the Library. The books that show in the SIMstudent library are based on the products that are assigned to each instructor's campus.

An instructor or administrator can also reset their assignment results via SIMstudent. For each eligible assignment, the Reset Progress button will appear on the assignment results page. Click the button and confirm the action to reset the assignment.

Info: The Rest Progress feature is only available to SIMstudent logins. Real student accounts do not have access to this feature.

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