Downloading Book Resources

Download book or chapter resource files, instructor files, and project files.

⬇️ 1. Download Instructor Resource Files for SIMbook

Navigate to the main page of the SIMbooks section, and at the top of the page you will find the option to download the Instructor resources for the SIMbooks. This link will display a dialog in which you can select the resources available for download.

Note: You may also open a specific chapter's Action Menu and select Download Instructor Resources to isolate a single chapter of resoures to download.

✔️ 2. Available Instructor Resources

You can select SIMbook the resources you want to download from specific chapters by filtering the chapter, type of file, or title.

🆗 3. Download Selected Files or Cancel

When you have selected all the resources you would like to download, the Download selected Files button will save them to the downloads folder on your hard drive.

If you would not like to download any of the files, you can click the cancel button to take you back to the Search SIMbook page.

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