SIMpath Templates

How to create a SIMpath template

A SIMpath Template is a SIMpath that is available for copying, but cannot be assigned directly to classes.

Create a New Template

Click the Create link in the SIMpaths section to select options for a new SIMpath template. The process to create a new template is the same as creating a new lesson, SIMnet exam or test bank exam.

1. ⌨️ Title

Type a name for the template in the Title box.

2. 📋 Select SIMpath Template

Expand the Type menu, and select the SIMpath Template.

3. 📖 Select Pre and Post-Test scenarios

Expand the Pre-Test Scenario and Post-Test Scenario menus to select which exam scenario questions will be used for each exam.

4. 📑 Select content type

Click a radio button to select SIMnet content for Microsoft Office 2016 applications or Microsoft Office 2019. You can only add content from one or the other, and choosing here determines which you will be adding from in the next step.

Warning: Once a content type is selected, it may not be changed later.

5. ➡️ Save and continue

Click the Next button to save the SIMpath template and continue to the next page.

Create a SIMpath from a Template

Templates are available to all instructors who have permission to create lessons and exams from templates (all instructors except Assistants). Once an instructor creates an SIMpath from a template, the instructor is the "owner" of the exam and can edit it based on the rights and privileges assigned to that instructor's role. Full Instructors can change the skills or the preferences in the SIMpath. Limited Instructors can only assign the SIMpath and change the restrictions associated with the assignment.

1. 📋 Click Templates

To create a SIMpath from a template, click the Templates link in the SIMpaths section.

2. 📑 Select Copy to SIMpath

Expand the Actions Menu for the template you want to want to use and select Copy to SIMpath.

3. ⌨️ Title

On the next screen, SIMnet automatically creates a SIMpath title for you or you can type your own.

4. ➡️ Continue to the next step

Click the Next button to continue.

5. Add questions

SIMnet automatically populates the questions for you, but you can add or remove questions or change the preferences if you have a Full Instructor account.

Create a Template from an Existing SIMpath

When you create a template using an existing SIMpath as the basis for the template, SIMnet will automatically populate the list of assigned questions for you.

1. 🔍 Search for a SIMpath

Navigate to the SIMpaths section to search for the SIMpath you want to use as the basis for the template.

2. 📑 Select Copy to Template

Expand the Actions Menu for the SIMpath you want to use and select Copy to Template.

Note: This action is only available for SIMpaths that you have created.

3. ⌨️ Title

SIMnet automatically creates a title for you or you can type your own.

4. ➡️ Continue to the next step

Click the Next button to continue.

5. Add questions to the template

SIMnet automatically opens to the Questions tab. Notice the Assigned Questions list is populated for you. You can add questions just as you would for a new SIMpath.

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