Creating a message or announcement

Click the Create link in the Communicate section to create and send a new message.

1. 📫 Send message, save draft, or cancel

When you have finished composing your message, click the Send button to send your message or announcement. If you'd like to save it as a draft to come back to, click the Save Draft button. Click Cancel to delete the message.

Note: Sending a message in SIMnet will also send a copy of the message to the users email address.

2. ✉️ Message type

In the Settings section, choose the type of message you'd like to send:

  • Messages are just standard messages that can be sent to any SIMnet user, class, or role.

  • Announcements can only be sent to classes and cannot be replied to. They can be scheduled ahead of time to be sent at a chosen date and time.

Note: If you choose to send an announcement, you can choose the option to Notify in student portal or Schedule by dates. Notifying students will cause a pop-up to display while the student is logged into the Student Portal.

By default, the Allow student to reply to message checkbox is selected to allow students to respond to messages sent by instructors. To restrict student replies when broadcasting messages, click the checkbox to deselect it.

3. 📇 Add recipients

Click the green plus icon on the right of the To Class or To User boxes to add recipients. When the pop-up window appears, click on a recipient and then click the Add Recipients tab.

Note: For Administrator accounts, a third text box will appear in the Recipient List section that allows sending messages by instructor role.

4. 📰 Subject line

In the Compose Message section, type a subject for your message in the Subject box.

5. 📝 Format your message

Use the formatting options available in the window to stylize the text of your message.

6. 💻 Compose your message

Write your message in the Compose Message area.

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