Search for Instructors

Search for an instructor account and view options in the Actions Menu

🔎 Search for an Instructor

Click the Search link in the Instructors section to search for a instructor account. The Search for Instructors section displays a list of instructors in all classes. To show instructors in a specific class, click the Class drop-down list and select the class in which you want to search. You can scroll the list in the Results section or type in one of the heading boxes to search by User Name, Last Name, First Name, or Role.

🎬 Actions Menu Options

To see a list of options for each instructor, expand the corresponding Actions Menu in the Actions column.


Select Snapshot to navigate to the Instructor Details tab. Here, you can find the instructor's personal and contact information as well as their username. The Snapshot also shows a read-only version of the classes and campuses assigned to the instructor on the Assigned Classes and Assigned Campuses tabs.

Select Print Snapshot to print the instructor's information.


Select Edit/Assign to navigate to the Assign Classes tab. See the 👉 Edit/Assign Instructors section for more information.

Send Message

Select Send Message to send a message to the instructor.

View History

Select View History to see a detailed list of the instructor's actions within the Course Manager.


Select Delete to permanently delete an account. SIMnet will ask you to confirm the deletion before actually removing the instructor.

Note: Deleting an instructor account does not delete any of the classes, lessons or exams created by that instructor. However, the lessons and exams will be "orphaned" – that is, only the account Administrator will be able to edit or delete them. The Administrator can re-assign another instructor as the "owner" by editing the lesson or exam.

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