Bulk Actions in the Organizer

Select multiple assignments in your course in the Organizer view to display the Bulk Actions menu. From the Organizer Bulk Actions view you can:

  • Remove all of the dates from selected assignments

  • Move all selected assignments to the same Start date, due date, End date, or Delay Results Until date

  • Shift all the Start Date, Due Date, End Date or Delay Results Until values by a set number of days, hours and/or minutes

1. Remove All Dates

To remove all of the dates from the selected assignments, click the Remove Scheduling button in the Disable scheduling section of the Bulk Actions menu. Clicking this button will display the dates that will be removed from the selected assignments

Once you have reviewed the assignments and confirmed that you want to remove all dates, click Update to remove dates and return to the previous screen. Otherwise click Cancel.

2. Move to the Same Date

To move the Start, Due, End and/or Delay Results Until dates and times to the desired value, click the Update Scheduling button in the Update schedule with fixed dates section of the Bulk Actions menu.

Enter new values for the desired settings. Entering a new value will then display what the new value for that assignment will be directly after the current value. Click the X button to reject the date change.

Note: If you move the Start date after the Due/End dates or the End/Due dates before the Start date you will see a yellow triangle alert icon and will not be able to save your changes until the Start date is before the Due/End dates.

Once you have input the desired values, click the Update button to enact your changes and return to the previous screen. Click Cancel to reject your changes and return to the previous screen.

3. Shift all dates by the same amount

In order to shift all dates into the future without moving all dates to the same date as each other, use the Shift Scheduling button in the Shift schedule section of the Bulk Actions menu.

Note: The Shift Schedule button is only available if all selected assignments have the Enable Schedule by Dates options set.

Input the number of days, hours, and minutes to shift the selected assignments. Edit the check box selections for Start, Due, End and Delay Results Until if you only want to shift some of those values. The resulting dates and times for assignment dates that have been selected will display automatically below the current values. New dates and times will be shown after the arrow next to the current date and time.

When the dates are correct, click the Shift button to enact the changes and return to the prior screen. Click Cancel to reject the changes and return to the Bulk Actions view.

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