Create Students

How to create a student account and set the ADA Multiplier

Create a student

Most accounts will either allow students to self-register, or they will import student rosters on a class-by-class basis. However, there may be times when you want to create a new student account manually.

1. 🔗 Click Create

Click the Create link in the Students section to create a new student account.

2. 🗃️ Enter required information

Fill in the student's personal and contact information in the first and second columns. In the third column, create a username for the student to use when they log in to their account. If you want SIMnet to generate a secure password for the student account, click the Generate button. The password will be included in the registration email sent to the student. If you want to enter in your own password, click the Create button and enter the password in the boxes that appear. If you do not include a registration code, the student will be prompted to enter one the first time they log in to the student portal.

3. 💾 Save the student record

Click the Next button to save the student record and add any class assignments.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Multiplier

The ADA Multiplier allows the instructor to assign more time to complete an exam for a particular student. The default setting for all students is 1, which represents the base time that the instructor has assigned to the exam.

If the ADA Multiplier is set to 1.5, then a 60 minute base time exam would be increased to 90 minutes for that student automatically. Therefore, ADA Multiplier setting of 2 will be 2x the base time assign to the exam.

To modify the ADA Multiplier setting, navigate to the Student section and select Edit/Assign from the Actions Menu for the student that you would like to apply the ADA Multiplier. Click Edit at the bottom of the Student Details section and enter the desired rate in the ADA Multiplier: box.

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