Create Reports

Creating a new report.

Creating Reports

SIMnet reports are saved report queries that will automatically update each time you view the report. When you click the Create link in the Reports section, you can create a new report, where you must first choose which type of report you want to create by expanding the Type menu. Based on which type of report is chosen, a different set of Filter Options will appear.

🔖 1. Create a New Report

You can create a new report by navigating to the Reports section and clicking the Create link. Once you create a report, it is available from the Reports list, until you delete it.

📄 2. Title & Type Details

Enter a Title for your report, then expand the Type list, and select the type of report you want. For more information on the different types of reports, view the 👉 Report Types page.

🎛️ 3. Filter Options

Depending on the report type, additional filter options are available. For example, for a Class Overview report, you will need to expand the Class list, and select the class you want. For SIMnet Exam, Lesson, and Test Bank Exam reports, you can create a report that is as specific or as broad as you want.

Expand the Class list to limit the report to results from a specific class. Expand the Campus list to limit the report to results for a specific campus. Expand the Exam or Lesson list to limit the report to a specific exam or lesson.

If you would like to group all sections of a class together into the same report, click the Yes or No radio button by the Group All Sections of Selected Class option. By default the report query will include all results, but if you would like, you can also specify a Date Range. Save and view the report by clicking the Next button.

If the report includes both lesson and exam results, you will need to expand each section to see the specific results. The top-level report list will show the overall score for each lesson or exam. To see specific results, click the one of the links.

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