Create Exams from Lessons

How to create an Exam or Exam Template from a Lesson
Creating an exam from a lesson pre-populates all associated questions from skills with the source lesson. This is a quick way to ensure exams cover all lesson objectives. This option is only available for lessons you have created. If you want other instructors to be able to copy your materials, use Copy to Lesson Template instead.
Select an option from the Actions Menu

Search for a lesson

Navigate to the main page of the Lessons section and search for the lesson from which you want to create an exam.

Select Create Exam

Expand the Actions menu for the lesson and select either Create Scenario A Exam or Create Scenario B Exam. Each of these options will create a SIMnet exam but will choose questions from either Scenario A questions or Scenario B (formerly known as Practice) questions.
Note: To create an exam template instead, select Create Scenario A Exam Template or Create Scenario B Exam Template from the Actions Menu. The steps to create an exam template from a lesson are the same as creating an exam.
Create a title and save the exam

Type a title

SIMnet provides an exam title automatically. You can accept this title or type in your own.

Save and continue

Click Next to save the exam and continue to add questions and assignments just as you would for any other exam.