Calculated Columns

How to create a calculated columns

Creating Calculated Grade Columns

A calculated column is a grouping of columns which is used to produce a single grade. Each column entry can have a "column weight." It is possible for calculated columns to contain other calculated columns. This allows instructors to create calculated column groups that can be re-grouped to produce a weighted final grade.

1. 📝 Gradebook & Actions settings

Navigate to the Gradebook section and select a class. Click the Gradebook Actions & Settings button in the upper right of the screen.

2. 📊 Columns option

Select Columns from the drop-down menu.

3. 🗃️ Open the column editor

Click the Create button and select Calculated to open the column editor.

4. 💾 Save the custom column settings

Column settings for calculated columns match column properties for other column types for almost all settings. See 👉 Column Properties for more information on the settings to customize a calculated column. However, there is one additional column property for calculated columns, Use sliding grade?. Selecting the Use sliding grade? option to have the calculated column only calculate the current grade in the column based on assignments that either have grades from the user or are past due. This gives the viewer a snapshot of how the user is doing in the course so far, rather than in the course overall.

Click the Save button in the column editor to save the changes you've made to the new calculated column or click Revert to reset to the original column settings.

Adding Mapped Columns

A mapped column is a column that is included within a calculated column to determine the final displayed grade.

Click the View/Edit button in the column editor to open the Edit associated columns for New Calculated Column dialog. In the left Available columns box, select the check box for the columns that will appear in the calculation. Click the Add button. To remove columns from the calculation, select the desired columns from the right Included columns box. Click the Remove button to remove columns. Once you have the selected columns you want mapped within the calculated column, click the Save button.

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