Enabling the Gradebook

How to enable the gradebook

Enabling the Gradebook

In the Course Manager, the Gradebook will be enabled or disabled according to each specific campus. All new accounts will have Gradebook enabled by default.

1. 📚 Campuses

Navigate to the Administration Settings section and click the Campuses link.

2. 📝 Edit Campus

Select the campus by clicking the Edit symbol next to the campus name.

3. 🔏 Enable Gradebook

Click the Enable Gradebook checkbox to enable the Gradebook for your campus.

4. ✔️ Confirm Gradebook Change

Once the Gradebook has been enabled, click the green check to confirm, or click the red 'X' to cancel.

Gradebook disabled

When the gradebook is disabled for a campus, none of the classes assigned to that campus will have grades recorded in the gradebook. The gradebook will be blank.

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