Exam Reports

How to create a new Exam report

An Exam Report allows you to view the latest exam results for your entire class. There is no need to recreate the report every time you want an update. When you view an exam report, the report will automatically update with the latest exam results for your entire class every time you view it.

Create a New Exam Report

1. 📑 Select an Exam

Navigate to the Exams section to select the Exam for which you want to view results.

2. 📒 Select View Report

Expand the Actions Menu and select View Report.

3. 📖 Exam results

On the report screen, you will see all results for the specific exam. Here, you can click the Exam title to open the lesson or click the icon in the Delete column to delete a student's grade.

4. ✏️ Modify settings

To modify the report settings, click the Edit button at the top of the screen (to the left of the Bookmark button and Actions menu). Expand the lists to select a specific Class or Campus and click the Enable Date Range checkbox to specify a date range. Click Save to save changes. This option is available to the exam "owner" only.

5. 🔖 Create a bookmark

Click the Bookmark button to create a bookmark for the report. Type a title for the bookmark and click Save. Your bookmarked report will now appear in the Reports section and the Bookmark button will no longer display at the top of the report page.

6. 📃 Actions Menu options

To see more report options, expand the Actions Menu, where you can choose to print, delete, or export the report results. You also have the option to delete all of the grades for the exam.

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