Using the My Account Dashboard

The SIMnet Course Manager starts at your Dashboard where you can view the assignment schedules, past-due assignments, integrity violations, student login activity, and earned credentials.

The dashboard has the following components: Assignment Schedule, Past Due Assignments, Integrity Violations, Credentials Earned, and Student Activity. The dashboard components contain information about students and assignments in the courses you teach. By default, the dashboard displays all courses that you are currently assigned to.

1. 🕓 Past Due Assignments

View all Past Due Assignments, if there are any, by clicking the yellow clock icon in the Past Due Assignments section. You will be notified if there are any students with past due assignments in your class. You can click the ⚙️to change your preferences for the time range for past due assignments, selecting the desired days, weeks, or months, and clicking Save.

2. 🗓️ Assignment Schedule

All past, current, and upcoming assignments will be displayed in this section if they have been assigned to students or if they have been given a due date. You can select a default tab by clicking ⚙️ to automatically display the last 10 Past due assignments, the 10 current assignments, or the next 10 upcoming assignments when you open your dashboard. Click on an assignment to bring up more options such as editing the assignment or viewing relevant reports.

3. Integrity Violations

View all Integrity Violations, if there are any, by clicking the yellow clock icon in the Integrity Violations section. You will be notified if a student attempts to submit an assignment that does not contain their own original work.

If there are no integrity violations, this section will be green with a check mark, stating that there are no student submissions that have been flagged with an integrity violation. If you would like to receive a notification email when there is an integrity violation, you can click the ⚙️ to select this option, selecting the desired days, weeks, or months, and clicking Save.

4. 🖥️ Student Activity

This section displays the login history of your students including how many of the students enrolled in your class are active, how many have been idle for a week or longer, and how many have not logged into SIMnet at all. By clicking on each piece of the pie chart, you can view exactly which students are active, idle, or not participating.

5. 🎉 Credentials Earned

You can view all credentials earned by students by clicking the View All link. When students have completed assignments of varying degrees of difficulty, they will earn Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 credentials indicating their levels of mastery of a subject. With each credential, a certificate of achievement is awarded to the student so that you can keep track of their progress in the course, and so they can keep track of their success with that module.

Credentials are grouped together by type earned. Click the desired grouping either by clicking the text or the desired group in the pie chart. Level 1 credentials are indicated with a White belt, Level 2 credentials are indicated with a Yellow belt, Level 3 credentials are indicated with a purple belt, and Level 4 credentials are indicated with a black belt.

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