The Home Page

Signing in to your SIMnet Administrator or Instructor account and accessing Help and Support

Accessing the SIMnet Course Manager starts with the SIMnet Home Page. On the Home Page you can sign in to your Administrator or Instructor account, and access help & support.

Warning: Each school has a different SIMnet website, so be sure to confirm you are visiting your school's SIMnet Home Page by reviewing the browsers address bar and school name displayed on screen.

Administrators and Instructors - Viewing your school's website and signing in

1. 🏫 Your school's name

Every school has its own unique SIMnet website that follows the format Your school's name should be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the website. If this name doesn't match your school, ensure you are visiting the correct website.

2. 👩 Your username

Enter the username you were provided by your school. This field is not case sensitive.

3. 🔑 Your password

Enter the password you selected or were provided. Click the👁️ to see the password in plain text. Click the Sign In button to continue.

Help and Support

4. ☑️ System Requirements

You can determine whether or not your computer meets the technical requirements for accessing the SIMnet Course Manager website by running a System Requirements check. This will check your system's capabilities for browser version, screen size, and more. View 👉 Getting Support for details.

5. 🆘 Technical Support

The Technical Support option will allow you to open a support case with the McGraw Hill Customer Experience Group.

6. 🎒 Instant Help

The SIMnet Instant Help option directs you to the documentation website. If you are trying to learn how to use some part of the SIMnet Course Manager, view 👉 Instant Help. View 👉 Getting Support for details.

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