Invalid Assignment Error

Students may receive an Invalid Assignment: "This assignment is either invalid or access has not been properly configured by your instructor " when accessing an assignment from the LMS.

Invalid Assignment Error Message

Students may receive the following error message when accesing an assignment from the LMS. This issue typically occurs when the LMS course has been copied and the SIMnet assignments are still linked to the 'original' or 'parent' SIMnet course the LMS course was copied from.

This error may also occur because the SIMnet assignment has been removed, but the linked assignment on the LMS remains intact.

How do I resolve the Invalid Assignment Error?

To resolve the invalid assignment error you may need to 👉 relink your course assignments. If you only have a couple of your SIMnet assignments with the error, you can also manually redploy the assignment by:

  • Removing the 👉 assignment deployment in SIMnet.

  • Delete the assignment from the LMS.

  • Redeploy the assignment in SIMnet.

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