Class eCommerce

Class specific ecommerce offer control.

Instructors can control the ecommerce offers students are prompted to purchase at the class level. When you are in Edit/Assign mode for a specific class, you can click the eCommerce button at the top of the page to assign or remove eCommerce offers for that class.

When purchasing registration codes directly from SIMnet, students will see all eCommerce available to the school, as listed above. You can place a limit on the list of products by placing one or more checkmarks next to the products for your class that you would like your students to purchase.

For example, if you are teaching a class about Microsoft Powerpoint, you would want to select the SIMnet 365/2019 - Skills Approach - PowerPoint eCommerce code so that your students will know that that is what they will need for your class. If you plan on using more than one textbook for your class curriculum, be sure to select all of the eCommerce codes that apply. Be sure to save your changes.

Note: If you don't see an offer avaialbe to your class review the Administrator help topic on 👉 eCommerce settings.

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