Archive Classes

Archive classes.

Archiving Classes

Archive old, unused classes to remove them from all views in the Course Manager.

Success: Archive classes each semester to keep your Course Manager clean and easy to manager. You can always unarchive a class at any time.

1. 🗃️ Active Classes

The active classes that you are teaching and in which students are enrolled appear on the left side of the Archive Classes page. The class name, section name, and whether or not the class is closed for student enrollment will appear on this side of the page. You can archive classes to move them from the Active classes column on the left to the Archived classes column on the right.

2. 📦 Archived Classes

Archived classes are classes that are no longer relevant and that are no longer being taught or offered on your campus. They may also just be classes that have finished for the semester and that you no longer intend to teach. You can add active classes to the archived classes column by clicking the add button between the two columns. The add all button will archive all of your current active classes. If you would like to make an archived class active again, you may do so by clicking the remove button, as this removes the classes from the archives.

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