Archive Exams

How to archive an exam
Archived exams will not display in any list or report within the Course Manager or Student Portal but will appear in the Archived Exams list under the Archive link in the Exams section. This will not delete them but will help keep the instructor's account clean and organized, showing only current information. Whether you're archiving lessons, exams, SIMpaths, etc., the process and the archive screens are identical. Items that have been archived can also be unarchived at any time, making the item active again.
Archiving an exam

Click Archive

Click the Archive link in the Exams section.

Select an exam

Select the exam you want to archive from the Active Exams list.

Click Add

Click the Add button to add the exam to the Archived Exams list.

Archived Exams

To move an exam back to the Active Exams list, click the exam name(s) in the Archived Exams list, and then click the Remove button.