Resource Items

Resource Items are links and files that can be uploaded and assigned to any SIMnet class.

The Resources section allows instructors to create and upload their own items to assign to students. These items can be uploaded in the form of either fies or hyperlinks. This section also works as a two-way dropbox that manages the workflow between instructors and students. Instructors can assign items to students and allow them to submit files for review. Instructors can then provide feedback directly to the student from the Submissions link.

📝 Actions Menu Options

To see a list of available content that has been uploaded, click the Items link in the Resources section. To make changes to an existing item, expand the Actions menu for the item, and select an option.

📸 Snapshot

Select Snapshot to see the class and/or student assignments for the item.

Select Print Snapshot to print the snapshot of the item.

✏️ Edit/Assign

Select Edit/Assign to edit the class and/or student assignments for the item.


Select Delete to delete the item.

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