Account Details

Viewing your Course Manager account details.

Account Details

Your personal information, contact information, and log in information is stored under the Account Details section. You can edit this information any time you like by clicking the Edit button.

1. 💁 Personal Information

Your first name, last name, and role on SIMnet appear in the Personal Information section of the Account Details page. Your role will be listed as Inactive Instructor, Limited Instructor, Assistant, Full Instructor, or Administrator.

2. 📞 Contact Information

Your contact information will be listed here with information you have provided, including your personal email address, phone number, and extension.

3. 🔑 Log In Information

You can view your login information on the Account Details page. This will display your username and the option to edit or reset your password.

4. ⚙️ Edit Account Details

If you wish to edit any of your account details, you may do so with the edit button. Doing so will allow you to change any of the personal information, contact, information, and login information provided except for your role in SIMnet.

Note: You can update your password in the Edit view. You will have the option of selecting your own password or having the system generate and email you a strong, secure password.

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