Account Setup

Products, textbooks, ecommerce for account level vs. class level

Setting up your SIMnet account for the first time will ensure that your instructors and students have the right materials available for their courses and that you don't have to do any mid-semester fixes to keep everything running smoothly.

🏛️ Campuses

SIMnet can provide access for different materials, courses, and options based on creating a separate campus. Campuses do not share textbooks, licensing options, gradebook settings, and course defaults. Setting up separate Campuses is a powerful tool when your school is going to use SIMnet very differently based on a separate campus, school section, or location.

Note: Setting up separate campuses means that you will need to edit many SIMnet settings by Campus. Setting up a campus should occur when the values of keeping textbooks and course offerings away from inappropriate users outweighs the hurdles of keeping each campus set up correctly.

To set up your school's Campuses, review 👉 Campuses

📦 Products

In SIMnet, products are divided by versions of Microsoft Office and associated SIMnet content. In order to make any SIMnet materials available to instructors, you need to select a Product and add it to your school. For example, to assign any Office 365/2019 content you will need to add the SIMnet for Office 2019 product to your school. You may add multiple SIMnet products at the same time.

To set up your school's Products, review 👉 Products

📒 Textbooks

Once you have added the desired Products to your school, you will need to add Textbooks to the Account and to each Campus. Selected textbooks determine which textbooks your instructors will be able to use to assign content to your courses. Adding the correct textbooks and removing old textbooks is a powerful tool to ensure that your instructors assign content that is intended by the school. Each Campus can have a separate set of assigned textbooks.

To set up your school's Textbooks, review 👉Textbooks

🔖 Activation Codes & Licenses

Licenses determine how your students purchase access SIMnet content. SIMnet contains a number of 👉 textbook series that may be made available to students. Matching the appropriate license to the appropriate course with the appropriate materials ensures that students have timely access to all of their textbooks and assignments.

🏪 Bookstore Activation Codes

Working with your bookstore to provide physical licenses that may or may not accompany a physical textbook requires no additional setup within SIMnet. Work with your McGraw Hill representative on selecting the appropriate print activation code for your course.

💳 eCommerce Activation Codes

ECommerce licenses are purchased by students as they enroll in SIMnet. These offerings are set by the school administrators at the Account level. Multiple eCommerce options may be selected at the same time. Individual courses may use only a subset of the selected eCommerce offers.

To set up your school's eCommerce options, review 👉eCommerce

To set up a course's eCommerce options, review 👉Class eCommerce

🎫 Account Level Inclusive Access Licenses

Account Level Inclusive Access licenses are provided by the school automatically to each student as they create a SIMnet account. Setting up Inclusive Access requires working with your McGraw Hill representative.

Note: Activating Inclusive Access requires turning off the Self-Registration setting and deactivates Courtesy Access. These settings should not be edited when using Inclusive Access.

Course Level Inclusive Access Licenses

Course Level Inclusive Access licenses are provided by the school automatically to each student when they are enrolled in a specific course. Course Level Inclusive Access is used when Account Level Inclusive Access will not work because a particular course uses separate materials from the rest of the school. Setting up Inclusive Access requires working with your McGraw Hill representative.

Note: Course Level Inclusive Access can only be set up at the beginning of the semester before courses have been created. Course Level Inclusive Access cannot be added retroactively to courses that have already been created.

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