Class Settings

Instructors can control class level settings for title, campus, availability dates, student view, and more.

You can edit class settings by selecting which class you would like to edit, clicking Edit/Assign in the Actions Menu, and clicking the Edit button at the top of the page.

📃 Edit Class Details

🏫 Class Details

You can edit the Class Title and Section Title with whatever name you would like to display for you and your students. This will allow you to keep track of the different sections of your classes which will make the experience more organized for your students as well.

Warning: Editing the campus on which the class or class section is offered may interfere with whom the class is available.

You can change the default module for your class or section to whatever module you wish among the ones offered on the campus which you teach. When students log on to their accounts, the default module will be the one that automatically loads when they login to their SIMnet accounts.

🗓️ Scheduling

You can change the availability of the class by changing the Available From and Available To dates and times. This may affect due dates for assignments, so be sure that they do not overlap.

Clicking the Hide Gradebook checkbox will remove the visibility of the gradebook for students.

Clicking the Registration Closed checkbox will disable the students' ability to self-register for the class. If this is not selected, students will be able to self-register for the class even after it has already begun.

Assignments that use dates have different options for when or if to assign a zero grade if a student doesn't submit any work to the assignment. The Assign Zero Grade On setting controls when a zero is set in the gradebook. The options are: Do Not Assign Grade, Assignment Due Date (default), Assignment End Date, Course End Date.

🔽 Sorting

You can arrange assignments for the class alphabetically by title, chronologically by due date, start date, end date, or in your own custom order. You can also edit the direction in which the assignments are ordered, whether it is first to last or last to first. For example, if you wish you arrange your classes chronologically, but with the oldest assignments at the top, you should change the direction to last to first.

You can choose to display assignments that are either no longer available or that have not yet been made available so that students will know what to expect from your class. If you do not select the Show Unavailable Assignments? checkbox, then only the available assignments will be available to your students.

🖥️ Display Type

You can enable different ways by which to display the assignments in your class or section. You can set the default display to be either tile, list, or calendar. You can also enable all of these options if you would like your students to be able to determine for themselves how they would like their assignments to be displayed.

🔲 Segment

You can choose to display assignments that are overdue, that will be due soon, or that have already been submitted. You can also choose to display all assignments in all segments if you would like.

📅 Date Restrictions

According to the start and end date you set, you can restrict enrollment so that students cannot enroll in your class before the start date. You can also make it so that students that are enrolled in your class do not have the ability to view assignments for the class until after the start date.

💾 Save Details or Cancel

When you have finished updating the settings for your class, you can select Save Details to save your changes, or you can select Cancel to revert the changes you made to the default settings for the class.

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