Exam Results

Reviewing the Exam Results page for a student's project submission

1. 📒 Exam Details

The Exam name is in bold. The Exam type is in parenthesis. The Exam type is SIMnet Exam if it includes simulation questions. The Exam type is Test Bank if the exam only includes Multiple Choice or True/False questions.

2. 👩‍🎓 Student Details

The student's name is in bold, last name, first name. The student's user name is in parenthesis.

3. 🖨ī¸ Print Report

Clicking the button brings up a window of the Exam result formatted to print cleanly.

4. ℹī¸ Attempt Details

Depending upon the assignment settings students may have multiple attempts at an exam. Each student attempt has its own Exam Results page. If the attempt has been completed the result will show Completed and the date and time when the student completed the exam.

5. 🕒 Exam Start Time

This is the date and time that the student opened the exam to begin their attempt.

6. 🌉 Exam Span

This is the amount of time that the student used to complete the exam, while actively having the exam screen open. This is not the same as the difference between the Exam Start Time and Exam End Time in all instances. If the student leaves the exam and returns to the exam the exam span will be shorter than the Exam End Time - Exam Start Time.

7. 🕓 Exam End Time

The date and time that the student either chose to end their exam or had their exam ended by the exam settings. The exam settings that may end the exam are the Due Date, End Date, using up all Exam Attempts or using up all exam questions because the exam is set to not allow Correct Retake.

8. đŸ”Ŗ Exam Questions and Percent Score

Displays the total percentage of questions answered correctly. The number of questions answered correctly is displayed in parenthesis as a fraction over the total number of questions. The percentage and total here only depends upon the number of questions, not any point settings in the exam.

9. đŸ’¯ Exam Points and Percent Score

Displays the total percentage score and points earned depending on exam settings. Instructors may choose to weight certain questions separately and this may make the Exam Points different than the Exam Questions data.

10. 📰 Question Text

Displays the text of the question that the student was asked to answer as the student saw it.

11. âŦ‡ī¸ Submitted Answer

This is automatically generated text based on where the student interacted with the simulated question. This requires a student to click, drag, or type in the simulation. Questions are generally counted as submitted when the student does something that will change the file. If the student has attempted the question multiple times, the displayed answer is the latest attempt. Additional attempts can be viewed by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the submitted answer box.

12. ☑ī¸ Question Status

Questions can either be Correct, Incorrect or Not Attempted.

13. đŸ”ĸ Points Received

If the student has answered the question incorrectly or has not attempted the question, the student will receive 0 points. If the student has answered the question correctly the student will receive the appropriate points based on the assignment settings.

14. 🖊ī¸ Attempts Used

The Exam settings may allow for multiple attempts at the same question. This column displays the number of attempts used. If the Attempts used is greater than 1, the additional Submitted Answers for that question will be available.

15. 📅 Question Attempt Date

Displays the date and time of the most recently completed question attempt.

16. ✔ī¸ Change Grade

Instructors have discretion about whether or not they believe the student answered the question correctly or whether or not the question was functioning in a way to appropriately elicit a demonstration that the student knows how to complete the skill. Clicking the change grade icon changes the attempt status from Incorrect to Correct (and vice versa) and gives the student updated points for that question and for the Exam.

17. 👁ī¸â€đŸ—¨ī¸ Preview Question

Click this icon to load the question as the student sees it. This can be used to review the question to ensure that it is working properly or test alternate methods for completion.

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