Search for Students

Search for student accounts and view options in the Actions Menu

🔎 Search for a Student

Click the Search link in the Students section to search for a student account. The Search for Students section displays a list of students in all classes. To show students in a specific class, click the Class drop-down list and select the class in which you want to search. You can scroll the list or type in one of the heading boxes to search by Pairing, Student Type, Last Name/First Name, Student ID, User Name, or Email Address.

Missing Licenses

Select the Show Missing Licenses Column button to view students who may not have a SIMnet license that covers all course assignments. Click details on a student record to view more information on which modules are missing from their license. View the 👉 Student Reports help topic for more on this report.

Note: The Missing Modules column may take up to 30-seconds to complete loading, depending on class size.

📄 Actions Menu Options

To see a list of actions for each student, expand the corresponding Actions Menu in the Actions column.


Select Snapshot to navigate to the Student Details tab. Here, you can find the student's personal and contact information as well as their username. The Snapshot also shows a read-only version of the classes and assignments assigned to the student on the Assigned Classes and Assignments tabs as well as the licenses in their account, the time they've spent on tasks, and any credentials they have earned.

Select Print Snapshot to print the student's Snapshot.


Select Edit/Assign to navigate to the Student Details tab. See the 👉 Edit/Assign Students section for more information.

Remove MHC Pairing

Select Remove MHC Pairing to break the students pairing to the Learning Management System. You may need to break a student pairing if the student has paired to the wrong SIMnet account.

Note: Students who are not paired to MH Campus will not have their grades automatically sent to the Learning Management System.

Student Report

Select Student Report to view a report showing all of the student's assignment results, including student created self-study lessons. From this report, you can view result details and delete results. You can also change the grade of an individual item. You can print this report by clicking the Print Report button. View the 👉 Student Reports help topic for more information.

Send Message

Select Send Message to send a SIMnet message to the student. (Messaging must be allowed to see this option.) View the 👉 Communicate help topics for more information.

View History

Select View History to view all student activity in SIMnet, including SIMnet login information and assignment activity. This option also allows you to export and/or print the student's activity data. View the 👉 Student Reports help topic for more information.

Delete Student

Delete Student allows you to remove the student record. However, if the student has entered a registration code, this option is not available and the student cannot be deleted. If you're unable to delete a student, you may want to archive them instead.

Note: Students may contact the 👉 SIMnet support team to have their SIMnet account deleted when they are finished with SIMnet. This is offered as a service to comply with "right to be forgotten" privacy regulations.

Archive Student

Select Archive Student if you want to hide the student from your roster and reports. See the👉 Archive Students section for more information.

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