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Edit/Assign Instructors

How to edit instructor information and assign classes to an instructor
You can edit an instructor's information and/or assign the instructor to a specific class by selecting the Edit/Assign option in the Actions Menu for the instructor account you want to change.
The main page of the Instructors section

Instructors section

Click the Instructors section to navigate to the main page.

Actions Menu

Expand the Actions Menu for the instructor account you want to edit and select Edit/Assign to navigate to the Instructor Details tab.
Edit instructor information

Edit information

Click the Edit button to change any of the instructor details (including changing the instructor's role or password). Click the Save button when you have finished editing the instructor details.
Assign classes to an instructor

Assign Classes tab

If you want to add or remove classes from the instructor's account, click the Assign Classes tab. A list of available classes appears on the left and a list of classes that have already been assigned appears on the right.

Assign a class

To add a class, click the class name in the Available Classes list and then click the Add button. To remove a class, click the class name in the Assigned Classes list and click the Remove button. SIMnet saves the class assignments automatically.
Success: You can assign multiple classes at once by clicking and dragging to select multiple classes. To select noncontiguous classes, press the Ctrl key and click each of the classes you want.