Bulk Grade Changes

How to make bulk grade changes

Bulk Changing grades in the Gradebook

You can update all grades within a class for a single assignment at once using bulk updates.

1. 👁️‍🗨️ View Details

To apply bulk updates, select the Gradebook from the left navigation and select the desired class. From the loaded gradebook select the desired column and click the View Details button on the right pane. Once the button is selected each of the students in the class will be listed vertically

2. 👆 Select students

Select the desired students individually, or all students in the class by clicking the Name checkbox. Once names are selected, the Adjust Selected Grades button will become available to select

3. 🔨 Adjust Selected Grades

Click the Adjust Selected Grades button to bring up the Adjustment window

  • Select Add to add a number of points to selected students. Type the amount to add and select a cutoff if desired

  • Select Subtract to subtract a number of points from selected students. Type the amount of points to subtract. Subtractions will be cutoff at zero points

  • Select Set to to set all grades to an exact value. Type the value

  • Select MAX to set all selected student grades to the maximum point total. The maximum for that assignment is displayed in parenthesis

  • Select ZERO to set all selected student grades to zero

  • Select Reset to reset all grades that have been overridden. This will not automatically apply to all selected students. It only applies if the student's grade has been changed manually

  • Select Reset grades to dash to reset all grades that have been changed from a dash to a zero by an automatic process. This is most useful when an assignment has passed its due date but the instructor would like to extend it after the due date has passed

4. ✔️ Apply changes

Select the desired change and click the Apply button.

5. Confirm grade adjustments

Once you select Apply a message will ask you to confirm the adjustment and then will inform you as to how many of the selected grades will be changed.

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