New Semesters

Preparing for a new semester or term to get the most out of SIMnet


If you are going to re-use your current course structure, start by creating new courses based on the ones you already have with the 👉 Class Copy feature. Copying current content before you archive can avoid headaches based on trying to find the appropriate content later.

You can put off this step if you are using a Course Master to copy content into a new course since the Course Master does not get archived.


Once you have copied the course structure of your previous semester courses into your next semester courses, it is time to archive content that will not be used going forward. Old courses, students, and course materials can be archived to ensure that everyone is working from the same list of materials. Archiving also ensures that new students won't try to enroll in old courses.

Archiving keeps you lists clean and is completely reversible from within SIMnet. Review the archiving process 👉 Archiving.

Note: We do not recommend reusing the same course but archiving the students within a course. This becomes problematic when changing materials in the course. When previous students have completed assignments, even if they are archived, those assignments cannot be deleted from the course.


Copy course materials from previous semesters can be accomplished by using a date schedule or by shifting the course dates forward by a set number of days. This typically leaves a few changes that will be required before the start of the semester. See 👉 Class Copy for more details.

SIMnet requires a Start Date for your course. If you set that date in the future, you can limit student's enrollment in your course until the course is open. You can also set an end date for the course that will keep students from viewing or enrolling in old courses. See 👉 Class Settings for more details.

Note: Be sure to edit the course schedule before adding new students to the course. If your course materials are passed their Due Date when you add new students, those students will receive a 0 grade for all of those assignments. Once you move your assignment dates those 0s will still be there until your students attempt an assignment. This does not have an effect on the ability of students to complete their assignments, but this will create a headache when they contact you.

Review Course Materials

Ensure that everything in your new course is there and that your course does not need any new materials. If you have changed any course materials, ensure that the 👉 SIMbook Series you are using has not changed so you will not need to edit your licenses or 👉 eCommerce settings.

Adding New Students

Enrolling students to your course should be the last step in creating a new course. Once students are able to access your course it becomes more difficult to make changes as some students may attempt coursework as soon as they're able.

You can 👉 Create Students

You can 👉 Import Users & Classes

You can allow students to enroll through your school's LMS through 👉 MH Campus - Classic or through 👉 MH Campus - Deep integration.

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