Create Lessons

Creating a Lesson or Lesson Template

Create a Lesson

Click the Create link in the Lessons section to select options for a new lesson.

1. 📋 Select a lesson type

Expand the Type menu, and select Lesson or Lesson Template. The first option will create a regular Lesson. The second option will create a lesson that is available for copying but cannot be assigned directly to a class. See the 👉 Lesson Templates section for more information.

Note: Lessons are assignable to classes and students. Lesson Template cannot be assigned, they can only be used to create standardized Lessons for use across classes.

2. ⌨️ Title

Type a name for the lesson in the Title box. The Lesson or Lesson Template title must be unique within your schools URL.

3. 📑 Select content type

Click a radio button to select SIMnet content for Microsoft Office 2016 applications or Microsoft Office 2019. You can only add content from one or the other, and choosing here determines which you will be adding from in the next step.

Warning: Once a content type is selected, it may not be changed later.

4. 💾 Save and continue

Click the Next button to save the lesson and continue to the next page where you will be able to select the content of your Lesson or Lesson Template.

5. 🔘 Filter the list of skills

On the Skills tab, you can view the available list of skills by Module, Textbook, Lesson, or Template. Click the radio button for the view you want.

The Textbook filter option displays all available tasks for the selected textbook. Filtering by Textbook also allows you to explore tasks by Chapter.

6. Add skills to the lesson

In the Available Skills list, click the skills you want to add and then click the Add button. As you add to the Assigned Skills list, SIMnet saves the lesson automatically.

7. 👀 Preview skills

At any point while adding skills to a lesson, you can preview a skill by moving your mouse over the question icon and then clicking the Preview Task button.

8. 🔢 Set the order

Use the Top, Bottom, Up, and Down buttons to reorder tasks in the Assigned Tasks list. When you reorder tasks, SIMnet saves the new task order automatically.

Note: You can also use the Module or Textbook filter to switch to another content Module or Chapter to add tasks that cover multiple applications.

Assign the Lesson to a Class or Student

To assign the Lesson to a class and/or an individual student click the Class Assignments or Student Assignments tab to create the assignment(s). See the 👉 Edit/Assign Lessons section for more information.

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