Overriding Grades

How to override, delay, and delete grades

Editing a Grade

Instructors and Administrators can override or manually update calculated grades. All overrides and updates appear in the grade history.

1. Select grade

Select the grade you want to change and enter the new score in the Grade Settings Panel. Overriding or manually updating a grade will automatically lock the grade.

2. Excusing a student from an assignment

If you would like a student to have an assignment removed from their grade, click the Excuse from assignment button. This will convert the student grade to a -. Excused grades will not count against a student's average or score from the course. Excused grades are locked and will not be updated unless updated by the instructor.

3. Apply grade changes

Click the Apply button to accept your change.

Note: Once a grade has been manually overidden it will not change. To recalculate the grade based on student results, simply reset the grade.

Resetting a grade

If you change a grade by mistake or want to revert your change, click the Reset button to return it to the original grade.

Delaying a Grade

Instructors can choose to delay grade posting to their students until a certain date or time. Grades which are delayed still display in the Course Manager Gradebook and display as "delayed" in the Student Portal gradebook.

1. 👆 Select column heading

Navigate to the Gradebook and select a class. Select the column heading for the assignment you want to delay grades for.

2. 📆 Select date and time

Click the Hide Grade Until text box and select the date from the drop-down calendar. Select the time to change it from the 12:00 AM default.

3. ✔️Apply your changes

Click the Apply button to apply your changes.

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