Import Instructors

Import multiple instructors at one time
SIMnet allows you to import multiple instructors at one time and assign them an instructor role as well as a username and password. In order to batch import instructors, you must first create and save a file (.csv or .txt format only) with a list of the instructors you wish to import.
Importing an instructor

Click Import

Click the Import link in the Instructor section to import multiple instructors.

Download a sample file

Your file should show instructor information as follows: Last Name, First Name, User Name, Password, Email address, Phone (optional). Click the Download Sample .csv button to download a sample import file to use with generated passwords. Click the Download Sample with Passwords .csv button to download a sample file to use with imported passwords.

Select a user role

Expand the drop-down menu to select a role for the instructors you are importing. All instructors will be assigned this role when the import is complete.

Select password type

Select Generated if you want SIMnet to generate secure passwords for the new users. Select Imported if you want to include assigned passwords in your import file for the new users.
Note: When importing with assigned passwords, the password must meet the minimum complexity requirement and not be reused within the same import file.

Choose a file

Click the Choose File button to the find file you created and double-click that file to select it. You can upload files in the .csv or .txt formats only.


Click the Import button to import the selected file and create the new instructor accounts.
Note: When the import is complete, the Status section will appear at the bottom of the page and display the total number of imports, if they were successful, as well as any errors.