Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access settings as they will be applied to your course

When a school has a course or courses that use separate materials from the rest of the school, Course Level Inclusive Access can be an effective solution to provide licenses automatically to students. Course Level Inclusive Access provides students in pre-determined courses with codes that are separate from the codes the rest of the school receives.

Note: If the school also uses Account Level Inclusive Access at the same time, they will need to ensure that students receive the appropriate licenses to begin their course. Courses with Course Level Inclusive Access will not receive the school's Account Level Inclusive Access offer.

Instructors can view the Inclusive Access offer students. When you are in Edit/Assign mode for a specific class, you can click the View Inclusive Access Offer button at the top of the page to view the Inclusive Access option applied to the course.

Inclusive Access offers cannot be edited by Instructors or by School Administrators. Inclusive Access offers must be set with the school's McGraw Hill representative. Course Level Inclusive Access must be set before courses are created for the semester. Course Level Inclusive Access is applied to a master course and then copied from that course to the rest of the semester's courses.

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