Common Controls

Common controls are used throughout the SIMnet Course Manager.

A number of simple controls are used throughout the SIMnet Course Manager. Understanding how they work and how they can be effectively applied will save you time and energy as you move throughout SIMnet.

🗄️ Actions Menu

Every major section in the Course Manager uses the Actions Menu. This menu provides actions that can be performed on a particular 👉Course, Student, Assignment or Report. The Actions Menu will always be on the far right of each content type. To use the Actions Menu, navigate to the desired item (Student, Course, etc.) and then click the drop-down arrow. Each content type has its own unique Actions Menu options, but they typically include options like Edit/Assign or Delete. To learn more about specific Actions Menu options, view the desired help section.

🎛️ Filtering Options

Lists of Students, Courses, and Learning Objects can quickly become large in SIMnet. Being able to effectively filter the available data will greatly increase your efficiency. Whenever you see the Filter icon, a filtering option is available to you.

Clicking the Filter icon will bring up a list of available filtering options like Contains, Starts With, or Does Not Contain. Choose your desired option and enter the info you would like to use to filter your data. By default, SIMnet uses the Contains option.

The Gradebook has number of filtering options, by assignment name, student name, or assignment type. Clicking the Filter Icon in the upper left corner expands the filtering options.

⛏️ Details Icon

The Details icon allows users to quickly review a piece of SIMnet content without loading up an exam or SIMstudent view. The Details icon provides quick access to individual question content. This includes the question text being asked; the answer or hint; where the information covered in the question originates; and the ability to preview the question directly. The details icon is available when assigning or reviewing content of Lessons, Exams, and SIMpaths.

📆 Scheduling Dates/Times

Whenever you are scheduling content, from SIMbooks to SIMpaths, Lessons to Exams, you have the ability to control when students can access content. Use the Calendar icon to limit when

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