Course Integration Home

The Course Integration Home is a course level tool for Administrators and Instructors that includes quick links and integration tools.

Note: To access the SIMnet Course Integration Home select the 👉 Instructor LMS Launch Point in your LMS.

The SIMnet Course Integration Home provides you with Quick Links, Integration and Administrative Tools.

Integrate: Deploy SIMnet assignments to the LMS

To deploy deep assignment links from your LMS to your SIMnet course select the Integrate option. Visit the 👉 Assignment Integration help topic for more details.

🔡 Administrative Tasks

Resync Grades

The LTIA integration consists of multiple distributed systems and the Resync Grades option allows you to resync grades through the upstream systems from SIMnet.

Visit the 👉 Manual Grade Synchelp topic for more details.

Reset Course Pairing

Clicking the Start Unlinking button will unlink the current SIMnet course from your LMS course. You can then resync to a different course or re-link to the same course in the future. Click Confirm to unpair your LMS course from SIMnet.

Once you have paired your LMS account with a SIMnet account, you will sign in to that account automatically in the future. If you would like to unpair that use account, click the Start Unlinking button in the Unlink Automatic Sign-in section and select Confirm to unlink your account.

Relink Assignments allows you to manually initiate a process that will fix various assignment link issues can can occur. The relink process will: reconcile assignments through the various platforms, relink assignments in the LMS course, update assignment dates, titles, and points, redeploy LMS assignments that may have been deleted.

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