Edit/Assign Classes

Edit class details and create or update class assignments.

Editing Classes and Assignments

🏛️ 1. Create or Update Class Assignments

Visit the Instructors or Students tab to view or modify the class roster. To create or edit assignments visit one of the exams, lessons, SIMbooks, SIMpaths, projects, and resources tab.

2. ⚙️ Edit

Select the Edit button to view or edit the class details. Here you can edit the name of the class, section titles, what campus it is assigned to, when the class is available, how to sort the class, and any date restrictions you would like to place on the enrollment process. View the 👉 Class Settings section for details.

3. 💳 eCommerce & Inclusive Access

You can assign or remove class specific eCommerce offers. When purchasing registration codes, students will see all of the eCommerce products listed for the class. Contact the SIMnet Administrator if the offer required for your course is not listed. To limit the list of products, you can place one or more check marks next to the products that your students should purchase. View the 👉 Class eCommerce section for details.

Inclusive Access offers can be assigned to the entire school or to specific courses. This button will display when your course or school has Inclusive Access implemented and the course you are viewing is paired to the school LMS. The View Inclusive Access Offer will only display the codes received by students in the course. This means that if the school has both Account and Course level Inclusive Access at the same time, only the Class Level Inclusive Access will be shown. View the 👉 Class Inclusive Access section for more details.

4. 📃 Actions Menu

The actions menu here has the same options as the one on the Search Classes grid. You can view and print a snapshot fo your class, copy content and users to a class, view the overview report, organize the class, view the gradebook, import new students or existing users, send messages to students or instructors, and delete the class through this menu. For more information on the individual actions, view the 👉 Search for Classes page.

5. 📑 Available Items

The left side grid displays the available items based on which tab has been selected.

6. 🎯 Assigned Items

The right side grid displays the assigned items based on which tab has been selected.

7. 🎛️ Assignment Buttons

If you would like to add assignments to or remove assignments from your class, the buttons between the two columns will allow you to do so. The add button allows you to add assignments to your class. The remove button allows you to remove assignments from the class. If you would like to completely restructure the assignments in your class, you can click the remove all button.

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