Copy Lessons

How to copy a Lesson

Copying a lesson allows you to copy the existing lesson to a new one. This option is only available for lessons you have created. If you want other instructors to be able to copy your materials, use Copy to Template instead.

1. 🔍 Search for a lesson

Navigate to the main page of the Lessons section and search for the lesson you want to copy.

2. 📑 Select Copy to Lesson

Expand the Actions Menu for the lesson you want to copy and select Copy to Lesson.

3. ⌨️ Type a title

SIMnet automatically populates a lesson title that begins with "Copy of" followed by the name of the original lesson. You can accept this title or type in your own.

4. 💾 Save and continue

Click Next to save the copy of the lesson and continue to add tasks and assignments as you would for any other lesson.

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