Textbook Files

Each Textbook in SIMnet comes with many additional files for instructors and students.

Each SIMnet Textbook includes additional resources to assist instructors. They can be downloaded all at once, or in sections as you prefer.

SIMnet provides the following types of textbook files:

  • Instructor Manual

  • Instructor PowerPoint

  • Let Me Try Data Files

  • Let Me Try Solution Files

  • Project Data Files

  • Project Solution Files

  • Show Me Audio Transcripts

Accessing Textbook Files in the Course Manager

To download the available textbook files, navigate to the SIMbook section in the left navigation and select the desired SIMbook from the drop-down menu.

You can download the files for an entire SIMbook by clicking the Download Instructor Resource Files for SIMbook link and selecting all files. The download manager that pops up has all of the files for all of the chapters in that SIMbook.

Instead of viewing all of the files for the whole book, you can click the Actions menu for the particular SIMbook chapter and select the Download Instructor Resources option at the bottom of the menu. The download manager that pops up has all of the files for that chapter.

The download manager provides each available file. The files can be selected as a group from the Select All check box or each item can be checked off individually. The Visible in Student Library column lets the instructor know which files are available to students automatically.

Once you have selected the desired files, click the Download Selected Files button. The Bulk Download option allows users to download files that are either organized by chapter, or are provided all in the same folder. To select organized folders, click the Nested (with folders) radio option. To select all files within a single folder, select Flat (no folders). Click Download Instructor Resources to download a .zip folder of the selected files.

Accessing Textbook Files from SIMstudent

Textbook files can also be accessed from the Library using SIMstudent. To view textbook files this way you must navigate to the SIMnet Library, select the desired textbook and then select the desired chapter. The Resources tab in the chapter view shows the available files. The files available in SIMstudent view are all the files available to the instructor and include files that cannot be accessed by students, like the Instructor Manual and Instructor PowerPoint.

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