Roles & Permissions

Explaining Instructor roles and permissions in SIMnet

🔡 The Role Types

There are six instructor roles in the SIMnet Course Manager:

1. Administrator

Administrators can create other administrators and instructors and have full access to all classes, lessons, exams, and SIMpaths they're assigned to teach. Only Administrators have access to the account settings pages and archiving functions. It is highly recommended that you use the Administrator account for administrative functions only. If you are both the account Administrator and you are an instructor, please create a Full Instructor account for yourself to use when managing your class and creating learning objects and assignments. Once you create an Administrator account, that account cannot be downgraded to an instructor account.

2. Campus Administrator

Campus Administrators are similar to a regular Administrator except they can only administer courses, lessons, exams, and SIMpaths that reside on their Campus.

3. Full Instructor

A Full Instructor can do everything the Administrator can do except create other instructors and edit other instructors’ materials. Instructors cannot change the account settings nor can they access archiving functions.

4. Limited Instructor

A Limited Instructor does not have permission to create new learning objects. Limited Instructors can only create lessons and exams from templates. They do not have the right to edit the content or preferences of lessons and exams created from templates.

5. Assistant

Assistants can only view classes, students, lessons, exams, and reports. They cannot create anything.

6. Inactive Instructor

Inactive Instructors cannot login to the course manager. Their information is saved in SIMnet but they are unable to access it.

In general:

  • If you created the lesson, exam, resource, or SIMpath, you can edit, copy, and delete it.

  • If you did not create the object, you cannot edit or delete it, but if your account has proper permissions, you can make a copy (which you then "own").

  • If you did not create the lesson, exam, resource, or SIMpath, and it is not assigned to one of your classes, it does not appear in your list of lessons or exams.

  • You can only create lessons from exams if you have the right to create lessons and vice versa.

  • Administrator accounts can edit, copy and delete anything.

🎯 Selecting the right Instructor Role

SIMnet is designed to help you create the exact course you want. This flowchart is designed to help you select the correct Instructor Role for your course.

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