Import Users & Classes

How to import students and classes

The Import feature allows you to create one or more classes, and import new or existing students and instructors into each class simultaneously.

1. πŸ”— Click Import

Click the Import link in the Students section to import students.

2. πŸ“₯ Download a sample file

If you would like to use automatically generated passwords for your students, click the Download Sample .csv button to download a sample file that demonstrates the appropriate format. If you are supplying your own passwords manually, click the Download Sample with Passwords .csv button to download a sample file that demonstrates the appropriate format.

Create and save a file (.csv or .txt format only) with the information for the students you wish to import. The file should show student information as follows: Class Title, Section Title, Role, Student ID, Last Name, First Name, User Name, Email, Registration Code (optional). The available roles are Student, Administrator, Full Instructor, Limited Instructor, Assistant, or Inactive Instructor.

3. πŸ“ Copy from existing class

By selecting a class from the Copy from existing class: menu, you can copy all assignments and custom gradebook columns to the new class. However, copying from an existing class does not copy student enrollments.

4. 🏫 Import into campus

If you want to import the classes into a specific campus, expand the Import classes into campus menu and select a campus.

5. βœ… Auto register students

Click the Auto Register Students with Pre-loaded codes checkbox to automatically assign Full Student codes to each student in the import file. If the number of students imported is greater than the number of pre-loaded codes available, an error will occur, and the importation will end after the last code is used. This option is only available if your school’s account is configured to allow auto-registration.

Note: This option is only available to schools with an active Inclusive Access agreement in place.

6. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Previous enrollments

Click the Remove previous enrollments radio button if you would like to remove any existing class enrollments for the user. Click the Do not remove previous enrollments radio button to keep existing enrollments for the student.

7. πŸ–±οΈ Select an application

Expand the If Importing with single application registration codes... menu only if you are importing a student with a single application registration code to select an application. Any student assigned a full registration code is automatically given access to all applications.

8. πŸ”‘ Select password type

If you are using automatically generated secure passwords for your users, ensure that the Passwords: Generated radio button is selected. If you are supplying your own manually created passwords, select the Passwords: Imported radio button.

Note: Manually created passwords are required to meet a minimum complexity and may not be repeated within the same imported file.

9. πŸ“‚ Choose a file

Click the Choose File button to select the import file you created. You can import .txt or .csv files only.

10. πŸ“© Import

Click the Import button. New students will receive an email with their login information.

Note: When the import is complete, the Status section will appear at the bottom of the page and display the total number of imports, if they were successful, as well as any errors.

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