Create Instructors and Administrators

Create an instructor or administrator account

Create a new instructor or administrator.

Note: Only Administrators can create other Administrators and Instructors.

Note: Instructor accounts cannot be promoted to an Administrator. We recommend Administrators have both a Full Instructor and Administrator account if they teach any courses.

Note: Administrators cannot be demoted to an Instructor Role.

1. 🔗 Click Create

Click the Create link in the Instructor section to create a new instructor account.

2. 🗃️ Enter required information

Enter the instructor's personal and contact information in the first and second columns. In the third column, create a username for the instructor to use when they log in to their account. If you want SIMnet to generate a random password for the instructor account, click the Generate button. The password will be included in the registration email sent to the instructor. If you want to enter in your own password, click the Create button and enter the password in the boxes that appear.

Visit the 👉 Roles & Permissions topic for details on selecting an appropriate Role.

3. 💾 Save the instructor record

Click the Next button to save the instructor record and add class assignments. See the 👉 Edit/Assign Instructors section for more information on assigning classes to an instructor.

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