Instructor & Course Pairing

Pair your LMS course with your SIMnet Instructor or Administrator account for LTIA Integrations.

Instructor, Administrator Course Pairing for LTIA

Registering for SIMnet directly from your school's Learning Management System (LMS) is simple one time process.

📓 Note: These steps only need to be completed once to setup the connection between your LMS account and your new SIMnet account. Further logins from your LMS will go directly to SIMnet.

🚀 1. Launch SIMnet to initiate the Instructor & Course Pairing workflow.

Start by launching SIMnet as an Instructor from your LMS. For details visit 👉Instructor LMS Launch Point

☑️ 2. URL Selection: Confirm your schools SIMnet URL.

If the URL is not automatically filled, type the name of your school or URL in the text box. Select your school from the list and click Continue to move to the next step of the pairing process.

Note: After the first course is paired from your LMS the SIMnet URL will automatically populate during the next course pairing.

👩‍🏫 3. User Pairing: Create a new account or sign in with an existing account

You will be prompted to either create a new SIMnet account or sign in with an existing SIMnet account. Depending on your school's configuration, some fields may need to be input to complete the registration.

Create Account

To create a new SIMnet account, please review the McGraw Hill Terms of Service, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy and Click Create Account to complete the pairing process.

If you already have a SIMnet Instructor or Administrator account you would like to pair with, click the link to Sign In instead.

Note: SIMnet will email your username and a generated password in case you need to Sign In directly to the SIMnet URL.

Note: If SIMnet already has your email address on file at the selected SIMnet URL, you will be directed to Sign In instead of creating a new account.

Note: The create new account option will create a SIMnet Full Instructor role type.

Warning: If your email address is not available for use as a SIMnet username you will be prompted to select a different username to create your new SIMnet account.

🏫 4. Course Pairing: Create a new or pair with existing SIMnet course.

To pair your LMS course with an existing SIMnet course, select the Pair existing SIMnet course button. To create new SIMnet course to pair with select the Create a new SIMnet course button.

Existing Course

To pair with an existing SIMnet Course type to search in the courses menu. Select the desired course and click the Pair Course button to complete the course pairing process.

Note: SIMnet Administrators have the option to toggle the courses list between 'My Courses' and 'All Courses.'

Note: SIMnet Instructors only have the ability to pair with SIMnet courses they are already assign to teach in SIMnet.

🥳 5. Course Paring Confirmation

Congratulations, your course is now paired from your LMS to SIMnet! To continue to the 👉Course Integration Home, click the Go to SIMnet button.

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