Keeping SIMnet neat to help students and instructors find the right materials

🗃️ Archiving

Archiving allows instructors to remove students, classes, lessons, exams and SIMpaths from their active lists and reports and store them in an archive list. This will not delete them but will help keep the account clean and organized, showing only current information. Whether you're archiving lessons, exams, SIMpaths, etc., the process and the archive screens are identical.

To archive:

  1. Click on the Archive link in the section you want to archive items on the Left Navigation.

  2. Click on the item(s) in the active list and click the Add button.

  3. The item now appears in the Archived list.

Items that have been archived can also be unarchived at any time, making the item active again. To unarchive:

  1. Click the item(s) you want to unarchive.

  2. Click the Remove button.

  3. The item now appears in the Active list.

Archiving for students follows the same process but is a bit different. An archived student can still log in and use their self-study materials but their account will not be deleted. Once a student account has been archived, their unique username cannot be used by another user.

⛔ Deleting

Deleting content in SIMnet is significantly more permanent than Archiving. Unlike Archiving, Deleting cannot be done in bulk from a list. You must select each thing to be deleted individually and select Delete from the Actions menu. Deleting cannot be undone within SIMnet. In some limited circumstances Deleted content can be restored by contacting SIMnet Support.

Note: Students who have purchased content within SIMnet cannot be deleted within SIMnet. Students who have purchased content but would still like their account deleted must contact SIMnet support.

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