Custom Columns

How to create custom columns in the Gradebook

Creating Custom Grade Columns

Custom or "non-linked" columns are columns which are not related to any SIMnet assignment. Custom column grades are not calculated on an attempt basis and are always overridden as you enter the grade score manually.

1. 📝 Gradebook section

Navigate to the Gradebook section and select a class.

2. 📃 Gradebook & Actions settings

Click the Gradebook Actions & Settings button in the upper right of the screen.

3. 📊 Columns option

Select Columns from the drop-down menu.

4. 🗃️ Open the column editor

Click the Create button and select Custom to open the column editor.

5. 💾 Save the custom column settings

Click the Save button to save the changes you've made to the new custom column or click Revert to reset to the original column settings.

See 👉 Column Properties for more information on the settings to customize a column.

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