Create Lessons & Exams

How to create a Lesson from a Project's Objectives

Create Lessons or Exams from Student Learning Objectives

You can create new Lessons, Lesson Templates, Exams, Exam Templates, Practice Exams, and Practice Exam Templates directly from individual projects. Content created using this method contains all of the required skills to complete the project and only that material.

Navigate to the desired project in the Projects section on the Left Navigation. In the Actions menu, select the desired option from the drop-down menu.

2. 🖋️ Name new content

Enter a unique name.

3. Save new content

Click the Next button to save the new content.

4. 📝 Edit new content

Review the content to add or remove individual Student Learning Objectives. Assign the new content to a course or a student.

Note: Creating Lessons, Lesson Templates, SIMnet Exam - Scenario A, SIMnet Exam - Scenario A Templates, SIMnet Exam - Scenario B, or SIMnet Exam - Scenario B Templates from Projects all use the same steps for creation.

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