Deleting Attempts

Delete attempts from reports.

Deleting Assignment Attempts

1. Delete Attempt Icon

You can delete attempts from a report by clicking the report you want to change and selecting View from the Actions Menu. If you scroll all the way to the right of the window, you will see an icon in the Delete column, which is how you can delete the grade or attempt for the assignment. Once an instructor deletes a grade, it is permanent and cannot be recovered.

Deleting an exam attempt will promote all subsequent attempts up by 1. So, if you were to delete exam attempt 1, attempt 2 would then become attempt 1, etc. This is done in order to provide the student access to the proper number of attempts.

🧙 When Deleting SIMpath Attempts, the Delete option only deletes the most recent step used by the student. Students who have completed the Pre-test, Lesson, and Post-test will have 3 different items to delete for a single SIMpath row. Pressing the delete icon once will delete the Post-test attempt, then the Lesson attempt, and then the Pre-test attempt. Each step must be deleted in order.

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