Manual Grade Sync

Manually Sync Grades for LTIA is used to keep the distributed systems in sync.

♻️ Manual Grade Sync Tool

The manual grade sync tool should be used when the points in the LMS gradebook don't match the corresponding points in teh SIMnet gradeboook, or if SIMnet has flagged some grades as unsuccessfully synced. If you see the ⚠️ icon in the Status column, hover over or focus on it to see a breakdown of the grade sync issues. Assignments with a mark are successfully synced with your LMS.

You may select individual assignments for grade sync or use the Select by dropdown to select all: Failed, Queued, or Out of Sync assignments.

Enabling the Force Sync option will increment all grade submission times by 1 second to ensure all grades are re-sent to the LMS.

Note: In order to sync assignments that are successful or queued you must select the Force Sync option.

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