Course Manager Redesign
A familar, modern user experience for the SIMnet Course Manager.

Course Manager New Look Toggle

The SIMnet Course Manager has been refreshed with a familiar, modern user experience that includes a number of features and improvements. All Administrators and Instructors will be able to opt-in to the new site design by visiting their SIMnet Dashboard and toggling the "Course Manager New Look" to "ON."
Course Manager New Look Toggle
Note: All SIMnet Instructors and Administrators will automatically be opted into the new site design in late May 2022. At that time, the old site design will no longer be available.
The refreshed Course Manage includes many design improvements including: reogranized left navigation, SIMstudent directly into the Library or a Class, starred classes, student search, and much more!
Course Manager Dashboard Redesigned View

User Profile Panel

The User Profile Panel is located in the top navigation and contains the users basic profile information and messaging features.
The User Profile Panel View

SIMstudent Panel

The SIMstudent Panel has been redesigned to allow the instructor to go directly to the Library or directly into a specific class. For users who are enrolled in multiple classes, they can now search for their class to SIMstudent into.
The SIMstudent Panel View

The Grades Panel

The Grades Panel has been reogranized to include acess to all all grades, results, and resourdce submissions.
The Grades Panel View

Courses Panel

The Courses Panel has been redesigned to include Starred Courses with one-click access to the most popular actions. Courses can be starred in the View All Courses list.
Note: Users are limited to 10 starred courses at a time.
The Courses Panel View

Users Panel

The Users Panel has been redisgned to include both instructors (Admins only) and studnts. Users can also search for students directly in the panel view.
Note: Student search only returns at most 5 student records per search result.
The Users Panel View

Content Panel

The Conten Panel view contains all links to Lessons, SIMbooks, Exams, SIMpaths, Projects, Resources, and Test Banks.
The Content Panel View

Admin Settings Panel

The Admin Settings Panel view still contains links to all the administrative settings.
The Admin Settings Panel View

Help Panel

The Help Panel view has been redesigned to contain all contextual help topics, technical support options, requirements check, changelog, blog, and privacy links.
The Help Panel View
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