Buy Online - International

Purchasing a SIMnet license online
If you have already completed your Self Registration and would like to purchase a code online follow the steps below. If you have not registered for SIMnet yet, please follow the Self Registration guideline.

Offers Guide

Click the Offers button to select from available products
If you have not yet purchased a registration code from your bookstore, you can pay for registration online using a credit card.

Review your school’s Offers

To view to the Offers available at your school, click Your Name in the upper right corner of SIMnet to view your profile pages. Select the Offers tab to view the licenses you already have. Click the Purchase button for access to the offers available at your school.

Enter your Billing Address

Enter your name, address details, and phone number. Click Review Order when you have finished.

3. 🔘 Review your order

Your order details
Review your order details to ensure that you have selected the desired option. Click the Are you tax exempt? link to review tax exempt requirements. Click the Payment button.

4. 💰 Payment

Enter your credit card details using any of the supported payment options. Review your options and click Submit to enter your payment details. You will be returned to your SIMnet profile upon completing your purchase.
Your SIMnet purchase will be automatically applied to your account at the time you complete your purchase.